Many of the new-generation corporations opt to offer quick chair massages to their professionals right at the workplace or during retreats. Some studies have also shown chair massages are a measure to improve productivity, focus, and even boost the morale of the workers. These mini massage sessions are aimed to make the staff feel relaxed and rejuvenated in the middle of hectic workdays and get back to their tasks with a stress-free calmer mind and boosted brains.

The process of chair massage

Chair massage sessions usually last for only 10 to 20 minutes but can add significant value to in terms of relaxing the stiff muscles and clogged mind. As many out their think, massage is not merely a luxury. Instead of hunching over a massage table for many hours, the staff members can easily get the baseline benefits of a massage with an easy to administer, any place chair massage.

Some research studies have shown that the nurses who work on hectic schedules are found to have a significant increase in their focus on a 10-minute break for massage therapy between their work hours. The research was held for four weeks in a row and found to be working well on a long run. However, even those who received an occasional chair massage offered at the workplace let the employees feel more cared, healthy, and significant reduction in stress.

The concept of workplace massage had grown prevalent in the last decade of information technology era. The big corporations like Boeing and Google introduced the idea of massage as apart of employee wellness programs. However, a full-fledged spa or full-body massage concept is tricky to work out at an office, and the concept of chair massage evolved.

There are many practitioners like now specializing in chair massage and delivering the best in class service to many corporate and individual clients. Many of the major retail chains too now administer this massage therapy to boost the morale of their employees and keep them fit for long hours of work, especially during the peak seasons. In today’s work environment, companies may not be able to do something to reduce the workload of the employees during peak times, so the best alternative to keep them focused and rejuvenated is to explore opportunities like workplace chair massage.

Quick benefits

Chair massage offers many benefits to individuals and the top 10 quick benefits of a 10-minute chair massage are;

  • Reduction in anxiety level
  • Alleviating stress
  • Getting better sleep
  • Get rid of anxiety
  • Muscle tension release
  • Get rid of body aches and pains
  • Mental and morale boost
  • Increased blood circulation
  • Increased ROM (range of motion)
  • Increased flexibility to body

Many of the modern-day workers tend to spend much time in front of computers and are prone to succumb to many lifestyle diseases. One major problem found in those who use computers is carpal tunnel syndrome. Experts massage therapists can provide a soothing touch to fingers, arms, hands, and shoulders which help reduce the possibility of skeletal and muscular strain and avoid such ailments. You can get a complete overview of chair massage at this website.

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