As people grow old, their doctors usually prescribe a suitable massage therapy for them. Such a treatment works wonders in improving their mental and physical well-being. It is useful in alleviating any form of chronic pain they may be suffering from and can help such senior citizens to resume regular exercise. However, the techniques that a practitioner who specializes in this field uses on such individuals differ from those he/she employs on his/her other clients especially when they have mobility problems. If you read the section on senior massage therapy on Hired Hands Massage Therapy, you will come to know that this treatment has the following advantages:

  1. Enhances blood circulation to the upper and lower limbs

As people advance in age, the flow of blood to various parts of their body become increasingly irregular. Undergoing a suitable massage therapy goes a long way in enhancing the blood circulation in such individuals to different parts of their body especially the upper and lower limbs.

  1. Improves stability and balance

When you grow old, your bones become brittle and infirm. Due to this, you may tend to fall more often because of a decrease in density in your bones. This is usually a major source of concern for your family members and the general practitioner treating you. Taking a regular massage therapy can help you to regain your sense of balance as it increases the flow of blood to different parts of your body. This reduces the chances of you falling.

  1. Softens up hard muscles

People who browse through the section on massage therapy for the elderly on become aware that with age, a person’s mobility reduces. This is because the muscles in such an individual’s body become hard and tight. Regular massage helps to ease the tension that accumulates in their muscles and tissues. This makes it easier for blood to flow in such areas of his/her body.

  1. Improves the immune system

Most medical practitioners specializing in different fields hold the view that seniors who take massages regularly are less likely to suffer from an illness than those who do not. This is because this therapy helps in the release of efficient removal of excess body toxins and boost their body’s immune system.

  1. Aids in stroke recovery

If you are an unfortunate victim of a stroke, the doctor attaining you may prescribe a massage therapy on the recommendation of a specialist to prevent any form of paralysis. Unlike the previously held view that you need immediate bed rest for 48 hours, most senior medical practitioners insist that elderly sufferer should get up and start moving again.

  1. Makes them feel comfortable

Many older adults get very lonely especially when they lose their spouse. Taking a regular massage helps them to feel that someone is looking after them and trying to relax them.

In addition to the above advantages, many doctors prescribe massage therapy in the treatment of their elderly patients suffering Parkinson’s disease and chronic arthritis. To find out more about the benefits of massage therapy for the elderly, do not hesitate to log on to

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