Contrary to what most people think, massages are not just for people who visit a spa during the weekends or while on holidays. Prominent gynecologists say a prenatal massage can prove to be beneficial to you during your pregnancy. They go on to explain that during this period your body undergoes numerous changes. Due to this,you are likely toexperience morning sickness, headaches, joint pain, and muscles stiffness. Thiscan prevent you getting a good night’s sleep and even make your stressful most of the time. Taking a prenatal massage can go a long way in helping you overcome such symptoms.

Benefits of prenatal massage

At Hired Hands Massage Therapy, we understand the changes your body goes through during pregnancy. As experts with over 30 years of experience in this field, we respect your apprehensions when you first come to take a prenatal massage with us on the advice your gynecologist. We go out of your way to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the session. In fact, we modify your massage sessionsto whatever pregnancy trimester you are going through until the day of your delivery. You can enjoy the following three important benefits of undergoing prenatal massage sessions with us:

  1. Minimizes the stress levels you experience during pregnancy

People who undergo massage regularly are aware of how relaxing the session can be. Just go through the customer reviews of happy expecting mothers who undergo such therapies while browsing our website It may not come as a surprise for you to know that taking a prenatal massage help you to overcome feelings of depression during this period. In fact, numerous medical studies show such specialized massages act as a catalyst in releasing the hormones responsible for making you feel better during this stage.

  1. Reduces swelling

Swelling in the area of the joints is one of the most commons problem expecting mothers experience. It can turn out to be a major source of discomfort for you. Medical experts refer to this conditions as Edema. They say it results because of blood does flow easily to these parts of your body. These professionals point out prenatal massage may just what you need. It helps to soften the tissues in such areas of your body to prevent the accumulation of blood and fluids.

  1. Reduces nerve pain

You may not realize you have a long nerve that runs from your lower portion of your back all the way up to your legs; biologicalexperts call it the ‘sciatic nerve.’ During your pregnancy, it is not uncommon for you to experience immense pain in the region of your back and lower limbs. This is because of the pressure of your growing muscles on this nerve. Undergoing a prenatal massage therapyis a natural way to relieve the tensions of surrounding muscles on this nerve.

Medical experts clarify that expecting mothers who take prenatal massage therapy regularly are less likely to experience complications during childbirth. Moreover, such sessions help you sleep better at night, alleviates pain in various parts of your body and improves your blood circulation. To know more about the benefits of our professional prenatal massage therapies, log on to