Being a woman, you may consider massage to be a spa luxury you can indulge in once in a while. However, it may come as a surprise to you that medical experts say having a massage during your pregnancy can prove to be beneficial to you. They point out that practitioners specializing in pregnancy massage therapy employ a variety of techniques when you undergo a prenatal session, which usually lasts an hour. This is to address the hormonal changes your body go through during this period.Such a treatment goes a long way in helping to relieve your mind, overcoming fatigue, improving blood circulation and reducing muscle stiffness.

Prominent gynecologists state that practitioners specializing in this field usually use three type of massage techniques while treating patients who opt for a prenatal session. These include:

  • Deep-tissue

In this technique, the massage therapist presses deep into the patient’s muscles with firm hand strokes.

  • Swedish massage

This massage technique helps to increase the mobility of your joints by long hand strokes to relax your muscles. Moreover, it improves blood circulation throughout your body when the practitioner applies mild pressure on certain muscles groups.

  • Shiatsu

In this method, the therapist gently applies pressure to your body’s acupressure points enhance its natural energy.

These experts point out the following three main benefits of taking a prenatal massage during your pregnancy:

  1. Hormone Regulation

Studies show pregnant women witness a significant reduction in their stress levels when they undergo a prenatal massage therapy. This goes a long way in improving their moods and cardiovascular health. The specialists from say women who take regular massage during their pregnancy experience a decrease in their cortisol levels. Due to this, they are less likely to have serious complications during childbirth.

  1. Reduces swelling of the joints

During pregnancy, some women suffer from Edema. Prominent medical experts specializing in the field of gynecology say this is a condition where the joints of the patient start to swell. This happens because of irregular circulation of fluids in such regions of the patient’s body, which increases the pressure on major blood vessels in that area. The regular prenatal massage goes a long way in the stimulating the tissues in the patient’s joints. This prevents the accumulation of fluids in such regions and the efficient removal of waste by the lymph system of patient’s body,

  1. Reduces nerve pain

Many women suffer from sciatic nerve pain during the later stages of their pregnancy. This happens because the uterus puts pressure on muscles and nerves in the lower region of the patient’s body. This also causes her legs to swell. Prenatal massage therapy helps to address the inflammation of such nerves by releasing the pressure of the muscles in that region of her body.

In addition to the above benefits, the prenatal massage also helps the patient to sleep soundly at night and reduces her back pain. It also improves the circulation of oxygen to her soft tissues. Pregnant women should make it a point to take a such a massage as per the recommendations of their general practitioner. To find out more about the benefits of prenatal pregnancy log on to

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