Your employees are an integral part and parcel of your company. They deserve appreciation and rewards when it comes to the dedicated services they give to you and your business. When it comes rewarding and appreciating your employees, you can give them a customized chair massage hosted by your company at any corporate event. This chair massage is a significant boost to your employees and a unique way for you to tell them that you care for them!

Hire leading specialists in chair massage services

We here at Hired Hands Massage Therapy value our clients and their needs. We provide you with customized chair massage services that you can hire at special events for your employees. All you need to do is contact us with your requirements, and we will promptly get back to you with all the details. At the same time, we will also give you information if you wish to use our chair massage services as a marketing tool for your event. Visit us here at to get assistance when it comes to any query or concerns you might have when it comes to customized chair massage services for your event.

Friendly massage therapists that understand your needs

When it comes to massage therapy, we know that you are looking for professionals that are attractive, licensed and experienced when it comes to your pain relief needs. All our massage therapists are trained and insured. They are friendly and ensure that you get optimal relaxation for anybody ache or stress that you face during the course of your work or daily life.

Our healing techniques are so popular that today we have a loyal and trusted clientele that are happy with our services in Las Vegas. We also provide massage services at your room, office or hotel so that you do not have to waste time to travel to us. Our experienced massage therapists are patient, and they will listen to your needs in case you have body stiffness and ache issues. When it comes to the acceptance of our services, you do not have to sign any contracts at all.

Services that we give you besides chair massage

Besides chair massage, we also specialize in Swedish massage, foot massage, lymphatic drainage, Thai massage and more. We will take care of your pressure preferences when we conduct the massage so that you feel relieved and rejuvenated at the end of each session.

Therefore, if you are the owner of a company and wish to embrace something different as a marketing tool or appreciate your loyal employees for the hardworking and dedicated services they give you, book chair massage services today and make them happy.

All you need to do is contact us and book your services with our friendly professionals. In this way, you efficiently can get top quality massage services at prices that are affordable and budget-friendly. Visit us at and experience a different pleasure when it comes to massage therapy services for the people you care about!

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