Each pregnancy is unique. Every woman deserves special attention and care during pregnancy. During this time, most muscles in our body respond to higher levels of hormones that are usually not present. They have to support increasing body weight too. It is very normal for muscles on your back to feel tired and sore,

Carrying a baby changes your center of gravity. Your body tries to adjust to these changes, and that creates much excess stress on your back, neck, and shoulders. Even your abdominal muscles feel the pressure of carrying another small human being, from time to time. Having lower back pain is more common than you think, in pregnant moms.

Getting a pregnancy massage from a trained therapist is a smart way to treat these sore joints and inflamed muscles. You may have already noticed a change in posture that is pushing your pelvis forward. This is the auto-adjustment mode your body is going through to adjust the center of gravity and nestle the baby safely. This may be good for the baby. It is terrible for your posture and lower back. Many women end up with a lower back pain before the end of their second trimester.

What are the benefits of prenatal massage?

A trained prenatal massage therapist can help you with the following –

  1. Lessen your stress levels and improve your mood
  2. Reduce anxiety and prenatal depression
  3. Reduce the chances of preterm birth
  4. Reduce swelling in legs

Just like a regular massage, prenatal massage will help you relax and focus on a healthy life. It will improve your state of mind and help you enter a state of calmness.

Which position is the best for a prenatal massage?

When you go in for a prenatal massage, always tell your therapist which areas of your body need the most amount of attention. Women become less flexible during pregnancy. If any position causes the slightest discomfort, let your massage therapist know.

The tender breasts and swollen belly will make it very uncomfortable if you lie face down on the massage table. Make sure your massage center gives you plenty of pillows, wedges and a full-length body pillow during the massage for extended support.

Where can I find a good prenatal massage center?

During your pregnancy, you need to be very careful about physical activities. Even for your massages, you need to consult your obstetrician-gynecologist. http://hiredhands-massage.com/ has a list of experts who provide optimal prenatal massages. Getting a massage done by a new therapist or new professionals can be harmful to your baby. 

If you already have a massage center and massage therapist in mind, get clearance for them from your doctor. Always remind your therapist about the progression of your pregnancy before proceeding with the massage.

Prenatal massage should be a pleasant experience. Sort of a treat for the would-be mother. You should take a day off and get a massage from the best experts in town to get some much-deserved pampering.