How much would be the charge for getting Chair Massage? Many of the people may feel worried about the prices when it comes to getting the massage therapies. Money, certainly, is a core factor in almost everything and it is quite natural for people to worry about the charges for massages. However, at times, something that appears to be more important than money is health. Yes, the physical and mental stress and tension may cause substantial deterioration of the health of a person. This may throw life out of gear. Moreover, why should you worry about the expenses if the experts at the Hired Hands Massage Therapy are ready to render you the massage services at highly competitive prices.

Exploring the rates before taking appointment

The experts at the Hired Hands Massage Therapy are real professionals and deal with the clients in a highly transparent manner. If you have any confusion about the charges, you can explore the details online. The rates for In-Office Massage, Hot Stone Massage, In Home Massage, In-Hotel Massage, Off the Strip Massage, and Couple Massage, etc. are available online. Yes, the Non-Hotel or Off the Strip Massage rates may slightly vary depending on the distance traveled. The rates also vary as per the time or duration of massage and the clients are advised to keep note of it as well. In the case of confusion, you can dial the customer support phone number and get the required clarification before booking an appointment for a massage.

Reaping the benefits from the highly experienced experts

The experts at the renowned Hired Hands Massage Therapy have been in business since 1990. Embellished with more than two decades of experience in the field of massage therapy, we have always received high acclaims from their clients. We are very much dedicated to our profession, and we leave no stone unturned to render satisfaction to our customers. From the very beginning, no client has ever returned dissatisfied with our services, and we are resolved to let no exceptions happen. We invite all the prospective customers to harvest the benefits from our long years of experience, expertize, and dedication. 

Custom tailored massage sessions

Be it the massage for relief from anxiety, pain, stress, tension, or any other ailments; our each session is custom tailored as per the requirements and desires of our clients. Rendering soothing effects to mind, body, and spirit; our endeavor is to provide holistic healing, relaxation, and revitalization to our customers. All the techniques such as the Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, prenatal, foot massage, lymphatic drainage, cranial massage, Thai & acupressure and sports massage etc. are all custom tailored as per the requirements of our clients.

When are we available?

At Hired Hands Massage Therapy, we work throughout the week; however, we request our clients to book advance appointments. The customers can book either by dialing our support phone number or using the email messaging facility. The customers desiring to avail the Gift Certificates can visit our website and get them in a hassle free manner.