Did you know that you could use massaging as an effective tool for marketing and human resource management? Massaging sessions at corporate events or trade shows, hospitality suites and exhibitions is now commonplace as customers; clients and employees can enjoy brief massaging sessions from a qualified and licensed massage therapist. It offers the unique opportunity of keeping visitors engaged at the premises longer that increases the business potential. A chair massaging session at a corporate event could be a way of rewarding employees in appreciation of their contributions to keep them motivated. The professional message therapists at Hired Hands Massage Therapy, Las Vegas are well conversant with Chair Massage that is fast gaining popularity.

A new form of enjoyment

The chair massage is often an attraction at birthday parties, retreat experiences, scrapbooking events, and getaway weekend parties as it gives people the opportunity to get firsthand experience of the benefits of massaging. Hired Hands Massage Therapy is on the official list of service providers of Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Authority and uses this opportunity for marketing their business to a wider range of clientele. As people enjoy the massaging sessions, it creates awareness about the need to take care of their body to remain active and healthy even when age catches up with them.

Doing serious business in a relaxed way

Setting up chair massaging sessions at trade booths is a great way to mix business with relaxation as people get the opportunity of handling official matters in a much more stress free manner. Instead of all business talks happening in a formal setting, you can invite visitors for a foot massage session by using electric foot massager and then follow it up with upper body massage. The massage therapist will take care of the visitors as long as they remain in the session while visitors would be free to continue looking at e-mails or talking to people even when the session is in progress. Sometimes, the therapist might use light music as relaxation audio through headphones on the visitors for more comfort and relaxation that make the session more enjoyable.

After the session, visitors would appreciate the opportunity that you give them for complete relaxation while allowing them not to lose sight of the business agenda. They would be thankful for the brief session that allowed them time for rest and rejuvenated them.

Chair massage for promoting business

Free chair massage increases the attraction of booths at trade shows and exhibitions as you find people crowding at the booth to enjoy the freebie. An average session could last for 20 minutes and as the crowd swells, it is good opportunity for booth owners to engage with them closely for longer duration that helps in promoting business. The engagement can even continue during massage sessions as you can talk to them through headphones.

To learn more about chair massage, log on to http://hiredhands-massage.com/  and they will tell you that a space of 10 feet is good enough to set up one chair massage unit at any booth.

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