During your pregnancy, you will never feel as comfortable anywhere else as you do at home. Even during your visit to the obstetrics and gynecologist, you cannot wait to come back home and relax on your favorite couch. Be it that one pillow you cradle each night or the groove of your favorite chair, home defines comfort for every pregnant mom.

Even at home, you may start to feel the aches and stiffness crawl up your back as the pregnancy proceeds into its second trimester. Pregnancy massage is an umbrella term that covers all massages during pregnancy. A few types of postnatal massages also fall under this category.

Advantages of pregnancy massage

Massages are very popular all over the world. However, only a few studies on them exist on pregnancy massages. Not many universities and research institutes invest much time studying the benefits of prenatal and postnatal massages. Over the years of practice, we have noticed a few advantages of pregnancy massage from an experienced massage therapist –

  1. It lowers anxiety levels in new moms, and it helps with lactation.
  2. It reduces back pain in case of women well into their second and third trimesters.
  3. It improves the quality of sleep in pregnant as well as postnatal women.
  4. It helps with swellings in the legs and joint aches.

In another study on massages, researchers discovered –

  1. It increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in women. This elevates the mood of the mother and the fetus.
  2. It decreases stress response via a reduction in levels of cortisol.
  3. It shows a higher metabolism rate that mobilizes fat.

What is a safe pregnancy massage?

There are over 85 techniques of massage taught in over 1300 massage centers and therapy programs all across the US. Some of the examples of most effective massages at the http://hiredhands-massage.com/ include –

  1. Deep tissue massage: you should only get this done during advanced stages of pregnancy from a trained expert with at least 2-3 years of experience. This involves profound and firm strokes that penetrate deep into the muscles of the neck, back, hands and legs.
  2. Shiatsu massage: this is very popular among happy mothers and mother to be. This involves applying pressure at specific acupressure points to relieve stress and elevate general mood. This stimulates your body’s core natural energy called Qi. Acupressure points can dictate the functioning of internal organs and can control basic metabolism levels. If you are thinking of going for a Shiatsu massage enquire about your masseuse’s qualifications and experience.
  3. Swedish massage: this kind of massage involves simple long strokes that pay extra attention to swollen joints and mobility of the entire body.

Most researchers and doctors vote pregnancy massage to be safe, only if an expert masseuse is involved. Not all states have strict laws regarding prenatal and postnatal massages, so you must be very careful while picking one. Check testimonials, Yelp and Google reviews for an idea about their service qualities.